About three months ago my GP referred me to Claudine for help in getting my high blood cholesterol levels and weight under control.From a starting weight of 101 kg, I managed to lose about 20 kg since then by following the eating plan and expert guidance provided by Claudine and am now at my ideal target weight. Follow-up blood tests have revealed my cholesterol levels to now be perfect and the need for medicine to control this problem has been avoided. I'm feeling much healthier and more energised since changing my eating habits. I wholeheartedly recommend Claudine's services for anyone seeking guidance on weight loss and achieving a healthier lifestyle.

William Dunn (33)

I've been a client of Claudine Ryan's for 7 months now, and I can honestly say that this has been the easiest I have ever been able to lose weight.
I have lost 15 kg so far. Claudine is very helpful and involved, as well as supportive of the process. I decided to make use of her services because I was tired of being overweight and unfit and wanted to become a healthier person.
Nutritious Living is a good decision for anyone that wishes to get healthy. I would recommend visiting her - it's completely worth it!

Kimema Shearar (22)

3 years ago, I hurt my back and doctors recommended that I lose weight. After trying a bunch of different services that did not work, my daughter, niece and I decided to look up dietitians.
That is when we came across Claudine's site. We phoned and made an appointment, and went. The past 7 months have been an up and down with regards to weight loss, but Claudine has always been very supportive and helpful. I have since lost 14.5kg!
I can truly say that Claudine is the person for you if you want to lose weight. I have been very impressed with the service so far and love being part of Nutritious Living's family.

Elizabeth Hanslip (40)

It is really satisfying to partner with a Dietician like Claudine who wants to see you reach your goals. Claudine is engaged from the first consultation right through to your meal pack, ensuring your meal pack is unique to you. Starting this journey, knowing Claudine will be there helping every step of the way, is encouraging to know I can achieve my goals.

Ryon Phernambucq (23)

I was diagnosed with PCOS and type 2 diabetes 2 years ago, and as a result could not fall pregnant. That is when I decided I want to get fit and lose weight. Since then I have lost 13kg's. I have no more severe symptoms from the PCOS and feel healthier. She has always helped through my good days and bad days, without her I would never have become as happy as in my body as I am today. I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with her.

Simone Swanepoel (21)