Weight loss may be easier for some people when done in a group with others. Research also shows that some people lose more weight in a group program versus one or two individual sessions with a dietitian. Group sessions allow for shared experiences, ideas, motivation and support.

I run three 8-week group weight loss programs per year. Groups consist of up to 6 members to allow for individual attention. The first program starts on 1 February 2017.

 *      Each group member undergoes a detailed body composition analysis (body fat percentage, visceral fat, metabolic speed etc.)

*        Realistic achievable goals are set for each individual and each member receives an individualized meal pack consisting of meal plans, menus, recipes and shopping lists to ensure that your personal goals are reached

*        Sustainable weight loss is achieved through healthy, balanced eating – no fad diets are used

*        Nutritional education is done at each meeting where various topics are discussed e.g. reading food labels, eating out, healthy snacks etc.

*        A guided shopping tour is done at a nearby supermarket to understand healthy food choices better

*       Having a professional that you can speak to, discuss where things are going well and where the challenges lie for you personally, is worth a hundred contradictory diet books

Weight loss is possible and with it brings better health, wellbeing, and increased self-esteem. You are in the driver seat – sign up today!