First consultation

Individual consultations provide each client with personalized nutritional information and a meal pack tailored to specific nutritional requirements. An adult caregiver must accompany children younger than 16 years. Partner consults are welcomed, and will last longer than the usual first consultation.

The initial consultation is 60 minutes long. It includes a detailed assessment of medical history, family medical history, blood results (if required, you may be advised to go for required blood tests, but this is not compulsory), lifestyle and eating habits.
A detailed body composition analysis (measuring body weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age using the latest advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology; waist circumference measurement; growth chart evaluation) is performed and goals are discussed.

This is followed by a detailed discussion that helps you to understand your condition; and concentrates on the physiology of the underlying condition(s) and how it impacts health, the impact of food and nutrition on health, weight and specific disease conditions and which food modifications need to be considered. You receive your personalized meal plan 2 – 3 days after the consultation.

Follow up consultation(s)

Frequency of these consultations are scheduled according to your preference, and are recommended to help you to monitor your progress. Lifestyle and dietary changes will be discussed in further detail and food records will be evaluated. Detailed body composition assessments will be performed and measured against previous results. Goals will be measured and adjusted as required. Follow up consultations keeps you motivated - and provide assistance to help you overcome barriers so you can reach success. Duration of follow up consultations are 30 minutes long.


Cash payments are preferred, but medical aid claims can be accommodated via special request. Please check with your medical aid before opting for this payment method as additonal admin fees will be charged for rejected claims. Pro-rata fees apply for consultations exceeding the indicated durations per consultation. Credit/Debit card facilities are available for cash payments during the consultation.

Cash rates:

1st Consultation: R900 (60min)

1st Consultation (Digestive Issues/Eatfit): R960 (60min)

Follow-up: R300 (30min)

Vitality Nutrition Visit (No meal plan included): R400 (30min)

Body Composition Assesment: R400 (20min)

Individual costs still apply to partner and family consultations.

Telephonic booking: call 071 683 1791 or book your appointment online