What is the best diet?

What is the best diet?

With so many choices these days: Paleo, vegan, low carb, high carb, high fat, high protein diets… it can be quite confusing!

I often get asked in which ‘camp’ I work. I don’t believe in a one diet suits all approach. I work with lots of different type of clients: some are tall and muscular, others are short and stout; some have lots of money to spend on food, others don’t; some love meat, others don’t; some exercise, others have never; some have time to cook, others buy their food ready to eat. No one is the same, and what might work for you – might not work for someone else. Some

What I do believe in is finding a sustainable way of healthy eating. If you are very active, and require a lot of energy, a higher carbohydrate diet can be beneficial and help improve your energy levels and performance. For someone who is not very active, a lower carbohydrate diet might be a better option. What matters most is to look at someone’s diet and improve habits, rather than sticking to a specific type of diet. For example, by just changing the type of carbohydrate that a carb loving client eats, can make a world of difference for health and weight.

Studies show that any diet – whether low carb/ high carb/ Paleo/ vegan etc. all have the following in common:

  • They raise awareness around food choices and make you care about what you eat
  • They create awareness about the quality of food you eat
  • They help control appetite
  • They promote exercise
  • They help you focus on nutrients instead of empty foods

So, I won’t label you when I work with you, but rather to find a way of eating that is best for YOU. Let me listen to YOUR needs, what YOUR goals are, how YOU live.
At the end of the day, you want an approach that supports your goals and lifestyle in the long term!

Claudine Ryan, Registered Dietitian, RD (SA)

Written by : Claudine Ryan, Registered Dietitian, RD (SA)

Claudine Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Claudine is passionate about people and their health, and enjoys helping others to optimise their health and manage their chronic lifestyle related diseases through sound nutritional therapy and practical advice.