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Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Wouldn`t we all want to have our cake and eat it too! Then a banana loaf can be the perfect thing! Bananas alone are nutritional powerhouses, loaded with potassium and other important nutrients. This recipe contains oats, which increase the fibre - making this banana bread a healthier treat than most normal store-bought versions.
This recipe can be perfect as a healthy lunchbox snack for the kids, enjoyed mid-morning at work for the adults, or even simply warmed up as a delicious evening snack!



2 Bananas, medium-size ripe
2 Eggs, large
6 tbsp Maple syrup
¾ cup Rolled

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Are bananas ‘fattening’?

This is one of the questions I get asked by most of my clients! Let’s have a look at whether bananas influence weight loss or weight gain…

Nutritional content of bananas

Bananas contain mainly carbohydrates in the form of glucose, sucrose and fructose. It does not contain much protein or fat. 1 small size banana will provide around 377 kJ and 1 medium size banana, 440 kJ. Bananas are good sources of antioxidants e.g. catechins, certain vitamins and minerals.

A medium size banana contains:

  • Potassium:12% of the DRI (Daily Reference Intakes).
  • Vitamin B6:20% of the DRI.
  • Vitamin C:
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