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Mediterranean Diet

Want to lose weight? Experts agree: this is the best diet for 2019…

If you’re hoping to lose weight this year, there’s one diet that yields the best results, according to a new ranking. The Mediterranean diet scored the most points for being effective, safe and easy to follow.

Studies found the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, dementia, memory loss, depression and breast cancer. Food from the Mediterranean regions have also been linked to a healthier heart, stronger bones and longevity. Oh, and weight loss, of course!

What is a Mediterranean style diet?

It features

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Intermittent fasting: does it work for weight loss?

It's perhaps unlikely that our ancestors ate three meals per day plus snacks. Millennia ago, food scarcity was common, and it created circumstances that led to unintentional periods of fasting. Fasting has also been a part of many religions for centuries. It is quite common for some people to fast to lose weight before a special occasion such as a wedding or a class reunion. But can fasting be the answer to losing weight more efficiently than other weight loss methods?

What is intermittent fasting?

Today, fasting is generally defined as the abstinence from some or all food or drink,

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What is the best diet?

With so many choices these days: Paleo, vegan, low carb, high carb, high fat, high protein diets… it can be quite confusing!

I often get asked in which ‘camp’ I work. I don’t believe in a one diet suits all approach. I work with lots of different type of clients: some are tall and muscular, others are short and stout; some have lots of money to spend on food, others don’t; some love meat, others don’t; some exercise, others have never; some have time to cook, others buy their food ready to eat. No one is the same, and what

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Emotional eating: Hungry, or sad?

Most of my clients would describe themselves as being emotional or stress eaters at some or the other point in time. Food can act as comfort - like a big hug after a stressful day. But how can you tell whether your hunger is real or emotional? To break the cycle, you need to learn to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger.

1) Emotional hunger happens suddenly

It hits you very suddenly and can lead to intense and overwhelming cravings. Physical hunger on the other hand, is more of a slow, gradual process and develops over a longer period

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Coconut oil has been trending over the past few years. But just like the fashion trends of the 80's, it does not always mean that it is a good idea! Many of my clients are head over heels for coconut oil and all its magical benefits - from weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, improved digestion, satiety and even cancer prevention. Like with many nutrition topics, the issue of coconut oil and health is very confusing, and the media does not always help when they jump to quick conclusions based on emerging research. Let's consider how some of these coconut oil

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Rooibos, pomegranate and cinnamon iced tea

It is important to keep hydrated during hot summer days. But, it is also important to consider the type of drink you choose as these can be loaded with sugar and empty calories. Try this low-calory ice tea recipe for a refreshing, guilt-free drink on hot summer days.

Rooibos, pomegranate and cinnamon iced tea

Servings: 4

Preparation time: 30 minutes


2 L Water

4 Rooibos tea bags

1 Cinnamon stick

1 Fresh orange, washed

1 Pomegranate

1 sachet Xylitol (optional)


  1. Boil 2L of water.
  2. Put the tea bags into a large jug or bowl (min 2L), and add
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Weight loss / Gewigsverlies: How to get rid of belly fat

Having excess fat around the waist area is a much bigger concern than just feeling a bit tight in your jeans. Having too much fat around the organs inside the tummy can set you up for some serious health problems. We call this fat - visceral fat. It produces inflammatory hormones that over time, can promote long-lasting inflammation. It also releases free fatty acids that increases the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease and even certain cancers.

Without a proper body composition assessment, it's hard to judge how much visceral fat you have.

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Weight Loss: Is your body "summer ready"?

Weight Loss: Is your body "summer ready"?

It has begun… Magazines, blogs, adverts about getting into shape for your summer body. But health isn't only a summer activity. And you shouldn't only be eating for the appearance of your body. Along with the "beach body" marketing comes an onslaught of absurd fad diets and expensive programs for weight loss and detoxes that ultimately lead to long-term weight gain…not to mention lower self-esteem, anxiety and an obsession with food. This summer, try eating for your body, instead of that bikini and implement these practices to eat for a healthier body through

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What if am not seeing weight loss results?

Losing weight is tough… Might it be that most of us feel that the effort we put in is somehow supposed to pay off more and quicker? Because weight loss does take effort. And it also takes time. And sometimes it just feels like you are putting in all the effort but not seeing the results. Let’s have a look at various influences that might be affecting your ability to lose weight.

  1. Your calorie (energy) intake is too high

You may feel as though you’re not eating a lot of calories. But studies show that most of us tend

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Winter weight loss tips – Part 2
  1. Be careful of hot beverages with lots of calories

We tend to drink more hot beverages in winter to warm us up – coffee, cappuccino’s, tea and hot chocolate drinks. If you add sugar or honey to these beverages, your daily calorie intake can quickly increase substantially and contribute to gaining a few extra kilograms over winter. Avoid or reduce the amount of sugar you use in these beverages, especially if you drink more than one in a day, and choose low sugar or sugar-free hot chocolate drinks. Also, be careful of milk coffees, cappuccino’s and sweet full fat milk

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Weight loss tips for Winter – Part 1

Weight loss during the cold winter months, can be challenging for some people. Although there are no scientific evidence that cold temperatures cause weight gain, it certainly influences the eating behaviour of most people. Some studies do show that in general, people gain about 2 tot 3 kg weight during winter. The main reason for this is that we are less active during the winter months and we eat larger portions and comfort foods more often. Some people also feel more depressed in winter and rely on food to lift their mood.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity for South

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What is Juicing?

Have you ever felt so desperate to lose weight, that you would almost try any diet out there just to lose the weight? It is the time of year that many of us are looking for the proverbial 'quick fix' to shake of the excess weight we gained during the festive season.

Most people start their search towards weight loss on google - probing for diet trends that promise quick results.

When searching for "the best diets for weight loss" - 63 100 000 results appear. There are so many diet advice out there, that searching through just a few

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